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The "Moviplano," from which to structure a small but qualified that body has the challenge to market solutions for office furniture as well as innovative and competitive solutions of metal structures for storage, areas where he said, consolidating experience and making it a company of reference.

Given the market developments created the department of works oriented to the partitioning of spaces through ceilings and walls.

The company extends its line of building interiors and introduces the floors in your building department.

Aware of new trends the company seeks new solutions for office furniture, making strategic partnerships with international manufacturers.

With the need to serve clients better with the growth and acquire new stores in order to respond more quickly to market demands.

With the growth of his works department, an area open to the public for sale of materials that matter.

With the evolution of sales, create a new company for the distribution of interior materials.

Given the market developments, acquires new premises which concentrates in approximately 2600 m2 and 900m2 of covered area their central warehouses and showroom.

The company operates in a restructuring its senior management and defines its core bussiness for building interiors, capital increases and changes the corporate name of Moviplano to Komat

The company, attentive to new trends once again, wants to put into practice his corporatepurpose, thus becoming one of the leading companies in the European market in the design and construction of interior living spaces, malls, hotels and airports.

With the need to tackle new projects to increase the capital to 70,000 / € and develops strategic partnerships with some international manufacturers, in order to be able to address their core businnes. It also develops a partnership with a reference to national distribution in order to act more quickly and efficiently in the market for the reconstruction.

The Komat increases the license in order to meet the market requirements for class 3 with a value of € 664,000 and also increase their office space in order to face new projects are underway in the area of furniture.

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